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   We Would See Jesus  Pastor Vince Button  Wed PM, 12/29/10
   Let Me Be The One  Pastor Vince Button  Sun PM, 12/26/10
   How To Know The Will Of God  Pastor Vince Button  Sun AM, 12/26/10
   What Manner Of Persons Ought Ye To Be  Bro. John Moore  Wed PM, 12/22/10
   Dealing Effectively With The Problem Of Sin  Pastor Vince Button  Sun PM, 12/19/10
   What Does Christmas Mean To You?  Bro. Alan Myres  Sun AM, 12/19/10
   The Triumphal Entry  Pastor Vince Button  Wed PM, 12/15/10
   The Importance Of The Church  Pastor Vince Button  Sun PM, 12/12/10
   The Reason For The Season  Pastor Vince Button  Sun AM, 12/12/10
   Baptist Distinctives - The Priesthood Of The Believer  Pastor Vince Button  Sun PM, 12/05/10
   What Will It Take To Move Us  Pastor Vince Button  Sun AM, 12/05/10
   Those Who Reject The Gospel  Pastor Vince Button  Wed PM, 12/01/10
   Baptist Distinctives - Individual Soul Liberty And Responsibility  Pastor Vince Button  Sun PM, 11/28/10
   Because Of Grace  Pastor Vince Button  Sun AM, 11/28/10
   Take Ye Away The Stone  Pastor Vince Button  Wed PM, 11/24/10
   The Simplicity Of The Gospel  Pastor Vince Button  Sun PM, 11/21/10
   In Remembrance  Pastor Vince Button  Sun AM, 11/21/10
   He Doeth All Things Well  Pastor Vince Button  Wed PM, 11/17/10
   Baptist Distinctives - Autonomy Of The Local Church  Pastor Vince Button  Sun PM, 11/14/10
   Baptist Distinctives - A Regenerated Church Membership  Pastor Vince Button  Sun AM, 11/14/10
   Mine Hour Is Not Yet Come  Pastor Vince Button  Wed PM, 11/10/10
   Baptist Distinctives - Baptism  Pastor Vince Button  Sun PM, 11/07/10
   Despise Ye The Church Of God?  Pastor Vince Button  Sun AM, 11/07/10
   I And My Father Are One  Pastor Vince Button  Wed PM, 11/03/10
   Let's Strengthen What We Have  Pastor Vince Button  Sun AM, 10/31/10
   The Good Shepherd  Pastor Vince Button  Wed PM, 10/27/10
   Baptist Distinctives - The Miraculous Book  Pastor Vince Button  Sun PM, 10/24/10

 Are You Spiritual Or Are You Carnal

 Pastor Vince Button  Sun AM, 10/24/10
   The Door, The Shepherd, Thieves And Robbers  Pastor Vince Button  Wed PM, 10/20/10
   What A God  Bro. Michael Blare  Sun PM, 10/17/10
   Is He Well Pleased With Us  Pastor Vince Button  Sun AM, 10/17/10
   What Are Your Motives  Bro. Alan Myres  Wed PM, 10/13/10
   The Waiter  Evangelist Marvin West  Sun PM, 10/10/10
   Wilt Thou Not Revive Us Again  Pastor Vince Button  Sun AM, 10/10/10
   What Is Your Life  Bro. Zach Williams  Wed PM, 10/06/10
   Baptist Distinctives - We Are Not Protestant  Pastor Vince Button  Sun PM, 10/03/10
   Our Good Shepherd  Pastor Vince Button  Sun AM, 10/03/10
   Lord, I Believe  Pastor Vince Button  Wed PM, 9/29/10
   What's Wrong With The Old Things  Pastor Vince Button  Tue PM, 9/28/10
   What Makes A Good Church  Pastor Vince Button  Sun PM, 9/26/10
   Do You Think So Or Know So  Pastor Vince Button  Sun AM, 9/26/10
   I Was Blind, But Now I See  Pastor Vince Button  Wed PM, 9/22/10

 Serve One Another

 Pastor Vince Button  Sun PM, 9/19/10
   A Vessel of Honor  Pastor Vince Button  Sun AM, 9/19/10
   I Know He Touched Me  Pastor Vince Button  Wed PM, 9/15/10
   Teaching Traditions As Commandments  Bro. Alan Myres  Sun PM, 9/12/10
   Two Kinds Of People  Bro. Alan Myres   Sun AM, 9/12/10
   Edify One Another  Pastor Vince Button  Sun PM, 9/5/10
   Such Were Some Of You  Pastor Vince Button  Sun AM, 9/5/10
   Love One Another  Pastor Vince Button  Sun PM, 8/29/10
   But I Obtained Mercy  Pastor Vince Button  Sun AM, 8/29/10
   The True Bread  Bro. Mark Edwards  Sun PM, 8/22/10 
   Build And Battle  Pastor Vince Button  Sun AM, 8/22/10 
   Have Faith In God    Bro. Ben Miller  Sun PM, 8/15/10 
   He Is Faithful  Pastor Vince Button  Sun AM, 8/15/10 
   The Old Things  Bro. Mickey Hoyle

 Wed PM, 8/11/10 

   I Believe God  Bro. Mickey Hoyle  Tue PM, 8/10/10 
   God Saves The Best For Last  Bro. Mickey Hoyle  Mon PM, 8/9/10
   Let The Redeemed Of The Lord Say So  Bro. Mickey Hoyle  Sun PM, 8/8/10
   For To Me To Live Is Christ  Bro. Mickey Hoyle  Sun AM, 8/8/10
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