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Memorial StoneThe church was first called the Blue Creek Baptist Church, but the name was later changed to the First Missionary Baptist Church of Pinch, West Virginia.  It was organized in an old grist mill shed near the mouth of the waters of Blue Creek in the year 1856.  The church moved to Mount Ovist, then to the Upper Pinch area near the old Upper Pinch School.  It was later relocated about a mile down the road, to its present location.  A log church was built, which stood for many years before being replaced by the current masonry building.  The former parsonage, now used as classroom space, was built at this time, as well.  The church acquired property behind the church, which includes a cemetery and fellowship building.  A new parsonage was purchased in 2001, and further renovations of the church building continue.

The First Baptist Church of Pinch has been served by many great ministers of the Gospel.  The following is a list of those who have served in the capacity as Pastor:

  • Pastor Metz
  • Jim Cline
  • Ned Jackson
  • Ira Bee
  • C.B. Jackson
  • O.T. Thomas
  • Cal Burns
  • Pete Moore
  • Link Eisenhower
  • Ed Hutton
  • Mark Jarrett
  • Tom Melton
  • Rome Canterbury
  • Kenny Ledsome
  • O.G. Smith
  • W.R. Jarrett
  • J.W. Romine
  • Wendell Pauley
  • James Leibert
  • Clifford B. Ashley
  • Omar Rucker
  • O.L. Shepherd
  • Bob Addis
  • Herman Haynes (interim)
  • Frank Malone
  • K. David Click
  • George Hamm
  • Lloyd Humphreys (interim)
  • Vincent Button
  • Michael Smith
  • Thanks be unto God for more than 150 years of ministry!

    First Baptist Church of Pinch
    71 Upper Pinch Road, Elkview WV 25071
    Pastor Michael Smith (304) 382-3382
    mail@fbcpinch.com  |  (304) 965-5885